The Wearable Making Fitness Easy to Do and Understand

KEENBRACE, a New Adaptive Training Device for Injury-Free Workouts, is Launching on Kickstarter

SHENZHEN, CHINA: On September 1, 2016, the award-winning startup-Keenbrace-will launch its new fitness wearable on Kickstarter.

Keenbrace is an adaptive personal training device that gives users of all activity levels injury-free workouts. It provides real-time voice coaching and error correction. The comfortable, sleek looking brace is powered by an integrated sensor system which provides deeper insights into the user’s performance.

Muscoskeletal problems are reported as the second largest reason why people visit the hospital. Moreover, monitoring is cited as the most expensive part of diagnosing such ailments. If smarter fitness wearables, however, can shrink patients’ hospital bills and create more awareness of their physical activities, it can significantly affect the approach to healthcare on all levels.

Ken Leung, CEO and founder of Keenbrace, believes that “Fast data analysis and integration, deep knowledge of fitness and health, and a personal touch are critical factors in developing the next best fitness wearable. People are always moving. Always growing. That is why we made Keenbrace as dynamic as its user, to truly enhance their workout experience.”

A large number of current fitness wearable users are unsatisfied with their product. Tracking data has proven insufficient in the motivation, persistence, and proper execution of healthy exercise because aggregate data is not meaningful enough. To solve this, Keenbrace uses AI algorithms to analyze the relationships in its data-giving life to an intelligent personal trainer.

Keenbrace’s real-time voice coach corrects, motivates and advises its user as each exercise is performed. It acts as the official mouthpiece to its biosensors-giving the user the most effective advice in the shortest amount of time.

The integrated sEMG sensors give Keenbrace 15 special features-including muscle status, muscle mapping, knee pressure, balance, coordination- for a deeper and more precise insights.

Keenbrace shows an impressive 99% accuracy when compared against prominent medical research findings and market leaders like Apple and Delsys. The complex information is quickly translated into simple-to-understand summaries and images, making it easy for anyone to track and believe their progress.

Other Features of Keenbrace include:

Motion Sensors

sEMG Sensors

Muscle Mapping




Calorie counting

Step counting

Smart scheduler and alert system

10 hours of battery life, 5 hours standby

Android compatible

Bluetooth connectivity

LED Notification lights

Keenbrace will be available for preorder on Kickstarter for only $59, at an estimated retail value of $149. For more information about Keenbrace, please visit

About Keenbrace

KeenBrace is a brand of active lifestyle products managed by Qian HaiLanYue Tech Co., Ltd. The company is based in Shenzhen, China and was founded in March 2015. Mr. Leung, CEO of Keenbrace was awarded by Intel Corporation for “Best Start Up” in China.

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