My Holiday Wardrobe

somali cat posing with her holiday wardrobe

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can show off my latest holiday wardrobe. I know most of you kitties would view a sight like this with dread. But I think it is awesome! What can I say? One cat’s nightmare is another cat’s dream.

somali cat wearing an elf hat

I am not so sure about this elf hat. What do you think?

somali cat wearing holiday dress

Most of the things you see here are new, but I have something from last year – this pretty, festive dress. It’s one of my favorites. I love the back.

somali cat showing off back of her holiday dress

Can you see why? I am going to be at a cat show tomorrow as a Pet Me cat, and I’m bringing this dress, and one of the others you see here. Maybe a regular, non-holiday dress too.

somali cat wearing holiday dress and ringing a desk bell

While I was modeling my dress, I got to practice ringing the bell. I did really good this time! Maybe the dress makes me smarter.

* * *

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