Browser the Library Cat Has Job for Life!

Browser the Library Cat has his job back–for life–after Elzie Clements, the city councilman who initially got him fired, was defeated in a landslide in November’s election.

Clements’ final meeting as a member of the White Settlement City Council was Tuesday night.

Browser has been a member of the staff of the White Settlement Public Library since he was a kitten. The library adopted him from a local animal shelter as a means of pest control.

In July, a city worker demanded that Browser be fired after the worker was not allowed to bring a puppy to work at City Hall.


The issue was taken to the White Settlement City Council, with Clements being the lone vote to get rid of the pawpular feline.

The backlash was immediate and worldwide. Browser got his job back. Clements lost his election, and Mayor Ron White says that as far as he’s concerned, Browser’s job title is now “Library Cat for Life.”

“Browser is still employed and will be as long as he wishes to continue his duties as mascot and reading helper for the children at the library,” White said.

White said he’s gotten thousands of messages about the cat from around the world, and many families have offered to adopt Browser.


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