Caturday Snow Day

somali cat looking out at snowy landscape

So you are probably wondering what I thought of the snow. I’d never seen it before, and looking through my hotel window, it was hard to tell what it was.

somali cat under hotel patio/ garden sign

My human wanted to show it to me, so she took me to the hotel’s rooftop “garden.” I say garden in quotes because there was nothing remotely resembling what I thought of as a garden.

somali cat waiting to go out to rooftop garden

I had lots of questions about this snow stuff, and I wanted them answered.

somali cat a bit confused by the snow.

It wasn’t what I expected at all! For one thing, it was really, really cold. Like colder than a refrigerator cold.

somali cat in sweater sniffs snow

My human showed me this snow stuff. It looks like something scraped off of the freezer part of the old mini-refrigerator in my enclosed patio back home.

somali cat looks out over city

She also tried to show me the view. But by then I was shivering and had had enough. I must have been out there forever, or at least for two minutes!

somali cat in sweater is done with her snow day

So that was the end of my snow day.

* * *

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