Only the Best for Me! #WasteLessLitter

Did you know that my human has been buying World’s Best Cat Litter™ since 2003? So when the opportunity came up to write about it, we were totally in!

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somali cat with bag of World's Best Cat Litter

My human always looks out for environmentally-friendly products, so when she saw World’s Best Cat Litter featured at a Pet Expo in April, 2003, she went out and bought some! She liked that it was made of naturally-absorbent corn, and was planet friendly.

somali cat cheek rubbing World's Best Cat Litter bag

Of course none of that would have mattered if the cats at home didn’t like it… but Sparkle, Binga and Boodie did! And when I came to live here, I liked it too. Over the years, we’ve tried different kinds of litters now and again, but we always wind up using World’s Best Cat Litter because it works for us. And the planet friendly aspect of it is only the beginning.

somali cat posing with her litter box and World's Best Cat Litter bag

Here are some of the other benefits of World’s Best Cat Litter:

  • World’s Best Cat Litter uses a patented process to compress corn into concentrated granules that trap odor really, really well! I know humans really like that, so I wanted to mention it first.
  • Along with being nice to pets, people and the planet, it is 99% dust free! So no sneezing. And it’s flushable.
  • It’s quick clumping and can easily be scooped. Some other litters my my human used stuck so badly to the pan that she had to toss it out. So she really likes how easy World’s Best Cat Litter is to scoop, and rinse out during full changes.
  • And those full changes? They don’t happen that often with World’s Best Cat Litter! Even the smallest bag can last up to 30 days with one cat.

pouring fresh World's Best Cat Litter into litter box

Another thing my human likes is that it is lightweight. The same volume of litter weighs so much less than the clay brands. Which is good for her because no matter how much weight training she does, her upper body strength leaves something to be desired.

somali cat in litter box

I like World’s Best Cat Litter because it feels good under my feet, and it’s very diggable! Since it’s excellent clumping litter, it’s easy for my human to get the lumps out. The result is a cleaner litter box (which we kitties like) while wasting less litter (which humans like).

somali cat posing in litter box

World’s Best Cat Litter comes in six different formulas: Clumping, Multiple Cat Clumping, Lavender-Scented Clumping (which is what we mostly use – it’s a very subtle, natural smell), Forest-Scented Clumping, Advanced Natural (high-performance clumping) and Advanced Natural Pine Scent (scented high-performance clumping).

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