Caturday “Candy”

somali cat with package from Sweden

My Abyssinian friends Jake and Angel used to live in Boston, but they and their human moved to Sweden a few months ago. It has been a very busy and exciting time for them all – Jake has even been in a couple of cat shows! But they still found the time to send me some gifts. Although the package went out in mid-December, it just arrived this week.

declaration form on package

Like all international packages, there was a declaration form. I was a bit puzzled by the items listed. Why did they send candy?

somali cat with gifts from Sweden

Okay, so there wasn’t exactly candy…

somali cat paw with cat treats from Sweden

Unless you consider cat treats candy, which I do! And all the way from Sweden! But let me show you the other gifts first.

somali cat paws with reflector

This cute little reflector on a chain was one of them.

somali cat patch

And there was this cool Somali cat patch! Someone in Finland makes them. There is velcro on the back so my human can attach it to my enclosure next time I’m at a cat show.

somali cat eyeing cat treat stick

But enough of all that – let’s get back to the candy! I have never had any treat sticks, so my human decided I could have one of those.

somali cat devouring cat treat stick

I must confess, I got a little overexcited when my human pulled out this treat! I devoured it so quickly, my human was barely able to get a photo. I even forgot my “Stay” command. It was really awesome! The cats in Sweden are so lucky they get to have these!

somali cat with gifts from sweden

I can’t wait to try the rest of the treats… don’t worry, I promise to share! Thank you, Jake, Angel and your human, for these thoughtful gifts!

* * *

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