Mousebreath Interviews are Returning


Percy:  We are back!

Cyndi:  You mean we will be back.

Out of Retirement_resized

Micah:  Yes, we are returning with our world famous cat interviews so be sure to watch for them.

Rusty:  We hope to be able to introduce you to our latest member, Taylor, soon.

Taylor:  Why don’t you just introduce me now?  I’ve been here for a year and they tell me I fit in very well on the Funny Farm.

Percy:  Yes, very well.  She’s just as squirrely as the rest of us.

Taylor:  I am not squirrelly.  I am eccentric.

Cyndi:  I hate to break this to you, but they mean the same thing.

Taylor:  I know how you guys like practical jokes.  Don’t you dare put a picture of a squirrel on the graphics with my name under it!

Micah:  Of course not.  *whisper*  Rusty, do we have a picture of a squirrel?

Rusty:  I’m staying out of this.  Just tune in on Friday, March 10 as we begin a new series of interviews.

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