Caturday Modeling Session

somali cat with her new clothes

When my human got me my bikini, she also brought home a couple of other things for me to wear. The first time I posed in them, last week, the photos turned out awful! It was my human’s fault, not mine, but I agreed to a reshoot anyhow. So I thought today would be good for my make-up modeling session.

somali cat trying on a pink scarf with flower

I tried on the scarf first. Actually, on me it is more of a shawl. It was supposed to be for small cats and dogs, but I think it ran kind of large.

somali cat wearing a spring dress

I love my new dress! It’s fresh and spring-like, and it’s very comfortable.

somali cat showing off bow on her new dress

Here is more of a side view so you can see the bow better. Isn’t it cute?

somali cat wearing straw hat and spring dress for a modeling session

I can also wear my hat with it! I think this is a very pretty ensemble for the season.

somali cat in dress practicing bell ringing

While I was modeling, I also practiced my bell ringing! I even did a Facebook Live video. I hope you were able to catch it. If not, it is on my page, if you are on Facebook and want to see.

* * *

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