At the Movies with Homereno: The Cats’ Meows!

RENO: We have not bin revyooing mooveys for a wile for good reezins.

HOMER: Number one, we keep gettin in trubble. Peeple don’t appreesheeate it win we make a winter wunderland owt of toillit paper.

RENO: I still don’t unnerstand why thy don’t appreesheeate a little Currier and Ives diorama. It takes SKILLZ to unroll that much tee pee without gitting cawt.

HOMER: Number two, the man keeps binjing on deepressing showz on the teevee. He watched all of Man hoo got hi in the tower and The Ixpanse. Took him a long time to git thru all thoze showz.

RENO: I don’t like distopiun werld of tomorrow shoze.

HOMER: Or distopiun werld of yesterday shoze.

RENO: And Numbers three thru ten . see Number 1.

HOMER: But we finely got to watch sumthing WE liked, and it wuz a big winner!

RENO: YES! Turn up the volyoom hi on this one!

HOMER: It’s called Funny Cats and Kittens Meowing Compilation, and the name kinda sez it all.

RENO: I keeped running around the back of the teevee lookin for the kittehs!

HOMER: Sum of them wuz speekin diffrint languajes!

RENO: And they are STILL trapped inside the teevee! Shood we call 911?

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