It’s Cat World Domination Day!

It's Cat World Domination Day

Yes! It’s Cat World Domination Day- are you ready to party? I sure am- I even have my own welcome sign.

tortoiseshell cat on Cat World Domination Day

I also have a co-host. Although I wasn’t exactly planning on it.

It's Cat World Domination Day

Since we are having an outdoor party, I thought it would be fun to have fried chicken! Everybody loves KFC, right? (At least, if you re a kitty.) And I have catnip mojitos too! The sprigs were picked on the spot from my garden.

Somali cat anxious for some KFC

I can’t wait to dig in, so let’s get to it! It’s buffet style, so just help yourself.

somali cat with KFC dinner and catnip mojito

I’m lucky the weather cooled down a little this weekend. It was way hot a few days ago. But now, it’s a pleasant day to celebrate our world domination. I have a really fun summer surprise for dessert!

somali cat licking low-sodium chicken broth popsicle

Low sodium chicken broth popsicles! They are really tasty. I can’t get enough of mine. Once we’ve all had dessert, we can get down to my Cat World Domination Day giveaway!

somali cat annoyed by tiny present

Wait a minute! Everything is not going to fit in here. I guess we had better go inside so I can show you the whole prize package.

somali cat with Cat World Domination Day prizes

Here it all is! As you can see, there are a number of items that weren’t in any of my previous posts. Plus there are things for both humans and kitties.

somali cat posing with cat part of Cat World Domination Day prizes

I found some fun cat toys for you, and also the Kitty Kick Stix I told you about a couple of days ago.

somali cat with human part of Cat World Domination Day prizes

This part of the prize package is so that humans always remember that we cats are in charge. You saw Esperanza before, and you also heard the story of the Scottish Wild Kittens shortbread tin– but you didn’t know about the kitty socks! My human picked them up the same day she got Esperanza.

tortoiseshell cat attacks somali cat

Uh-oh, I think Binga has had too many catnip mojitos! Either that, or she thinks she is being left out of too many photos.

somali cat and tortoiseshell cat with Cat World Domination Day prize package

So here you go- this year’s Cat World Domination Day prize package! (With some unrequested help from Binga.) There is catnip in the toys, but nothing’s so stinky that I think they’d get stuck in customs, so I’m going to make this giveaway worldwide! You have until midnight July 3, Pacific Time to enter, using the Rafflecopter widget below. (If you have a problem with the widget, let me know and I will enter you manually.) Good luck! And remember- we cats are in charge always!

* * *

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