Throwback Tortie Bomb Thursday

somali cat in bunny costume being photobombed by tortoiseshell cat

My human was hunting through my blog’s extensive photo library for pictures of Binga for a top secret project. I don’t know if she found what she was looking for, but she did run across a bunch of tortie bomb photos! So I am sharing a few with you today.

somali cat annoyed at the tortie bomb

I will say something about Binga. She poses really well when she is not supposed to be there. When my human tries to take photos of her for real, she won’t cooperate.

tortoiseshell cat walks in front of somali cat in costume

The worst is when she interrupts photo sessions where I am trying to model some outfit. I can’t even see what I was wearing in this photo.

tortoiseshell cat walks in front of somali cat in box

It’s like she doesn’t even know there is a photo session going on. I mean, she does know, but she feigns ignorance. It’s like she has a special talent for it.

tortoiseshell cat totally covers up somali cat in photo

And it really is a talent! How did she know she was going to completely cover up the camera lens with her ear? I’m still trying to figure that one out.

somali cat ruining photo of tortoiseshell cat

Of course, every so often, I do return the favor.

* * *

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