Caturday Flashback With Sparkle, Binga and Boodie

The photo library for my blog pictures is arranged by date. So if I want to know what was going on in any given month and year, it is easy to find out. I was wondering what Sparkle, Binga and Boodie were doing during September, 2009, so I looked it up! It turned out to be a really interesting month, so I thought it would make a cool Caturday flashback.

ragdoll cat and somali cat on bathroom counter by suitcase

My human’s boyfriend usually has a lot of shows to play in September, and this year was no exception. Sparkle and Boodie decided to supervise his packing.

tortoiseshell cat in suitcase

Binga was a little more thorough in her supervision.

caturday flashback of somali cat in new car

My human got a new car that month! It was a red Mini Cooper. One of the first things she did with it was take Sparkle on a vet check up. Sparkle was not impressed. Maybe she put a hex on the car or something because it wound up getting totaled less than a year and a half later. Undaunted by this misfortune, my human took the insurance settlement and bought another red Mini (a newer model), which she still has to this day.

tortoiseshell cat with birthday card

Binga got a birthday card from PetSmart. The only problem was her birthday is not in September. It’s sometime in August.

somali cat with book advance check

The really big news that September was that Sparkle received the first half of her advance for her second advice book, Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice From the World’s Foremost Feline Columnist.

Dear Sparkle Cat-to-Cat Advice From the World's Foremost Feline Columnist

It came out the following summer. The print copy has been discontinued, but my human has some copies here. If you never got one and you would like a copy, you can buy it below for a limited time. It’s $10, with $3.50 shipping, U.S. only. She’s only offering it for a couple of weeks, and then she is going to remove the Buy button from this post.

* * *

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