Neymar’s locker room picture sets off Palmeiras v Santos storm

Neymar,Palmeiras & Santos

Before Neymar moved to Barcelona, he became a star at Santos.

Back in 2013, when Neymar was only 21-year-old, he signed a five-year deal at the Nou Camp.

Neymar was signed for Barcelona having scored 138 goals in 229 matches for Santos, a record in the post-Pele era.

When it comes to domestic Brazilian rivalries, Palmeiras and Santos don’t get on.

The two So Paulo clubs face off in the Clssico da Saudade, which is one of the biggest derbies in Brazil.

Neymar’s fashion choice

This week while of international duty, Neymar, the Santos legend, was spotted wearing aPalmeiras shirt.

ThePalmeiras top was visible underneath Neymar’s Brazil polo.

O hexa logo ali

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Once that image came to light, social media observers noticed how Neymar was wearing thePalmeiras green short in another social media update.

Grande experincia

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In a third image featuring Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, thePalmeiras shirt can clearly be seen hanging up in the background in the locker room.


PSG star admits he was a Palmeiras fan

Santos supporters would be forgiven if they started to think Neymar was sending them a message.

Just a few days ago the PSG star appeared on Brazilian TV, where he admitted being a fan ofPalmeiras when he was a kid:

Look, I already supported Palmeiras, then I started supporting Santos because I started playing Santos professionally.

When you are small, choose a team to support. When you end up becoming a player, there is no way.

I had a great affection for Santos. So, for this, I ended up becoming a Santista.