Therapy Pet Teamwork

somali cat in festive Halloween collar on therapy cat visit

Except for the memorial service, my human and I have been the only team for my hospital therapy cat visits for a few weeks. But this week, I had two dog teams working with me at one of my regular hospitals. They were a basset hound named Blueberry and a beagle named Cally (short for California). I’ve worked with Cally before, and they are both very nice dogs.

I have to say, we really needed therapy pet teamwork on this visit because there were lots of patients to see! We went down to the cancer center to see staff, and patients waiting for their appointments. Then we stopped by a waiting room on our way to see the children at the Rainbow Room. In case, you don’t remember, the Rainbow Room is a waiting room for a lot of very young patients. Mainly preschool aged. And there were loads of them there on this visit! My human keeps me a distance from the dogs, so they worked one side of the room, and I worked the other. Mainly, I sat on a chair and let children pet me, and my human took photos with the Poloroid camera we have. Since it’s not digital, only one image exists, and the kids’ parents can take the photo home with them.

The kids were all pretty nice today. Most of them were good about being gentle without being told. There was one older girl who would not leave my side or stop petting me. My human was beginning to wonder if she was going to try to take me home! I hope she has a kitty at home of her own- and if she doesn’t, that her parents adopt one for her.

Finally we went to the pediatrics wing, where I visited a teenage girl in her hospital room. She had a kitty at home, and she was so glad to have me visiting her. I stayed for as long as I could and purred and made happy paws while she petted me. It was a lovely end to the day’s therapy cat visit.

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