Caturday Flashback: The More Things Change

somali cat on lounge scratcher

This week, I’m on a Caturday Flashback journey to February, 2015. I wasn’t even a year old yet… but I don’t think I look all that different than I do now!

somali cat surrounded by tax paperwork

Some other things are the same, such as the way my human prepares her tax paperwork. She was back to the same, handwritten system this year.

somali cat on judging table

I’ve seen some things change, though. I was competing in cat shows back then. These days, I much prefer just showing up and greeting the public as a Pet Me Cat.

somali cat with show ribbon

I did do well at that show, and got 6 finals that weekend. But even back then, you can see I was focused on being social. That’s why the “I Love You” sign was there.

somali cat being photobombed by tortoiseshell cat, proving that some things never change

I used that sign again for the Valentine’s Day party I had that year. As you can see, Binga photo bombed me. That’s one thing that’s always the same!

somali cat entranced by heart-shaped chicken pizza

That was a cool party that year. The catering was awesome! We had a heart-shaped chicken pizza.

somali cat looking at heart-shaped candy box full of cat treats

And there was the candy box that was full of cat treats instead of chocolates. That was really cool too!

somali cat trying on tiara

This tiara is still around somewhere. In fact, my human knows exactly where it is.

somali cat wearing a tiara

It will probably make a reappearance sometime in the not-too-distant future.

* * *

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